Friday, 24 January 2014

Purple Portal Vortex :D

This Purple Vortex was made in Photoshop CS6. I created it to practice all shading, highlighting and creating lighting. I thought it helped to creat a little more depth within the photo. However, I do still have some areas to work on. I think the entrance could have been better.

Monday, 16 December 2013

Illustration Scenery

I can see room where to improve but I think I am done with this piece before I ruin it anymore. I was mainly experimenting with textures in photoshop. Ah well. Lets see how this will help me improve next time. What do you think? (constructive critism and good comments only please.)

Friday, 29 November 2013

'The Hobbit' Book Cover Illustration

I have been doing this in college for graphic image making and decided to add it to DeviantArt. I like the background more than the hobbit hole but I am unsure why to be exact. There is something about it that I just can't think. I do like the red and orange sky though. I think it has a nice paint effect on it.

EDIT: Looking back on this piece, I still love the sky and colours. However, I now feel like I can understand why I do not like the hobbit hole. The main reason is the door looks horrifically out of place. I should had added my shadows and highlights to create more depth. I now feel like I have learnt how to do that better. Maybe in the future I can bare this in mind and change it.

Time to complete: I have spent over several days playing with layout and colouring as well as drawing it.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

My Opinion on Mega Evolution (Pokemon)

Although I do like the design of the Y version of Mega Charizard. I find it totally unnecessary that Mega's were made. It looks very Digimon.

This is not my video, but I wish to share this with you if you haven't seen all the mega designs.

Even as a massive Charizard fan, I don't think he should have got 2 mega evolutions and the other 1st generation starters didn't. I also think the X version is way over powered. Oh and like MewTwo wasn't overpowered enough? Now he has 2 new forms. FML. MewTwo is a cool Pokemon. However, I would never use him.

I am still debating whether or not I want to use my main Pokemon, Charizard, as a mega evolution or not.

This is just my little rant. I like some of the designs but it wasn't needed. I think it looks like they just ran out of new ideas for Pokemon. I would be happy to hear your thoughts. My opinions are strong so be prepared because I might 'friendly argue'.

Kallen from Code Geass (Fan Art)

Code Geass, Kallen

I did a 'Sketchy' kind of outline what I don't know my exact feelings on in this situation. However, I quite like the gradients. I did do this really quickly so sorry for the messy colouring :P

Sunday, 24 November 2013

New Character OC


Nella Fruitella

I have been wanting to create a OC for quite sometime.I have a couple more ideas in mind on what I want for some OC's . However, for now, here is my first one.

So, This is Nella. As a joke, between friends, I have named her fully 'Nella Fruitella' Catchy.


Name: Nella Fruitella

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Style: Steampunk

Favourite Colour: Orange

Personality/Nature: Kind heartened but feisty and has a good sense of humour

Occupation: Time Traveler and Clock Shop Worker

Pass-time Interests: She write stories about adventures she has had as a child.

More info: As she has grown up, she has had many adventures. She has an older brother called Cody (I guess his last name is fruitella too but his has less of a ring) who is 2 years older. They used to live  by a small wood with there father. As for her mother, she passed away when she was 6. Her and Cody (I will make his character look sometime) played in the wood all the time, playing games they would make up as children do. A lot of fantasy and make belief things. She had a small accident as a child, in the woods, which lead to the scare on her eye.

How did she become a steampunk character?

Her father owns a clock shop, in which she works in. As her father makes and sells clocks. She became fascinated in his work. She began to take interest in clockwork and machinery. The style became 'a thing' in her late teenage years.

Why Time Traveler? 

She was made as a part of my steam punk project at college. It had to be to do with time traveling and as I did not want to change this, I stuck with it. It makes her slightly more interesting in my point of view.

Finally, I would like to add one more thing. I want to create a fictional story based off this character at some point and so I will be hopefully in my spare time upload a chapter at a time, per post.

Monday, 21 October 2013

Photoshop Lighing Experiment

I know I began trying some experiments with text a little while ago, however, I haven't been keeping up with any of this and I believe it is about time I did. So, at least once or twice a week I want to upload a new post. (maybe more depending on how busy I get). I am going to get back on with text experiments but here is also something I have been working on drawing wise:

Experiment 1 & 2

 I have a lot of improvements to go but if you want to see more and watch as I improve check out my DeviantArt anytime. I appreciate all support, watchers and followers.

I am going to be focusing and improving on my character style and drawings soon. I need my own style and want to get out of that manga look (as much as I love it). I want a style that people know it is mine as soon as they see it.

I hope to upload some more soon so if you like what you see or wish to support me for help, keep checking back. I am beginning to think about writing critiques about my own work soon. I will also write brief descriptions on how things where made and developed such as colouring, lighting and use of software.

Thanks for reading, 

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